Creative Workshop

I started to give acrylic workshops only 5 years ago, although I have been working with this material as an artist since 2001. I was asked many times about my creative process but I never knew if it’s possible to teach the process of flowing of the creativity.

When I found the books of Flora Bowley and Alena Hennessy I found out that yes, it is possible to give intuitive art workshops and the information they gave help me a lot in structuring my own artistic skills and experiences for this workshops.

The great news is that even if you never painted before you can try and have fun and even make something pretty, the material is very easy for beginners, we are working in layers of paint, and have no limits of the layers that we can put on the canvas.

Also we can use other materials sush as: markers, fabric, paper to learn so-called mixed technique.

And the most important here is that we learn how to be creative, make “mistakes” with no fear at all, and start all over again with joy and pleasure and of cause how to enjoy the process!

I also give this workshop online for those who are far away.


This workshop is available Online